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Non CLC Lacrosse Programs: Camps, Clinics, Leagues
CLC Policy Statement- Outside Programs

The Cranford Lacrosse Club (CLC) does not recommend or endorse any companies, organizations or individuals that operate lacrosse clinics, leagues, camps or skills training (“Outside Programs”).

To the extent any information is placed on this CLC website concerning Outside Programs, it is done so only for the convenience of those who may be interested in such information. Information concerning Outside Programs may be disseminated by the CLC but without any such endosement.

Concerning participation in Outside Programs, the CLC strongly encourages CLC parents and children to take an inclusive approach whenever organizing participation in such youth activities.

CLC expects that information about activities/events will be shared so that all children eligible for a particular activity have an opportunity to participate.

It is well understood that organizing all eligible participants for an activity may sometimes be unrealistic; however, it is very reasonable and expected that 1) information concerning an activity will be freely shared and 2) to the extent possible and practical all eligible and interested children will be included by parents organizing the activity.

The CLC believes parents and coaches involved in youth sports have a wonderful opportunity to model good behavior for our children. Lets all do our best to make playing lacrosse a worthwhile and enjoyable experience for all the children.

The following is contact information on Outside Programs: