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UNIFORM: Uniforms are required for 3-8 boys and 5/6 and 7/8 girls. Boys’ and girls’ uniforms will cost approximately $70.  This cost is in addition to our club registration fees.  You can use your uniform from last season if it still fits.  All rising 3rd grade boys will be required to purchase a uniform this year if you did not purchase one last season.  STORE CLOSES FEBRUARY 11thCLICK HERE TO ORDER UNIFORMS

**Please note: this year the girls are offering the choice of a kilt or shorts as part of the uniform. Please choose the bottom your daughter prefers; families are not required to purchase both!   We are also offering bike shorts for under the kilt for anyone who wants them to match, but they are not a required part of the uniform. 3/4 families:  the girls will receive a pinney from the club for games, but you may also purchase a kilt or shorts if you’d like. CLICK HERE TO ORDER UNIFORMS